Porsche Taycan « KEF! »

What a beautiful union between street art and an exceptional car!


For the ephemeral pleasure of those who are lucky enough to be able to go and admire this Porsche Taycan Turbo S, 100% electric, in the Passion Automobile dealership in Sausheim, near Mulhouse, in the north-east of France, close to the Swiss and German borders.


At the invitation of the gallery owner Orlinda Lavergne to the Berlin artist KEF!, whose real name is Simon Röhlen, known for his street art, to dress a superb Porsche Taycan turbo S, lent by the Porsche Mulhouse center, could seem a little crazy but the result is splendid.


This car, the first of the brand 100% electric, of an immaculate white and metallic sees its curves sublimated under the countless black lines of marker of the artist. A few touches of color in the design give it more character. His drawing is a perfect match for its pure lines and prominent body sides, which give the sedan a feeling of volume.


From the perspective of the artist, whose work is centered around harmony, you'll find the result to be fitting. There is something peaceful and racy about it. The fact that the work moves brings an additional interest to the eyes of the artist.


Inspired by oriental philosophies, Kef sees his work as an ode to peace and harmony and this is reflected wonderfully on the Taycan's bodywork, which suddenly dives into another dimension. The artist draws lines in a repetitive manner in an almost meditative process of creation. Line after line, he composes abstract organic forms, like hypnotic volutes.


The car is still available for sale at the Porsche dealership in Mulhouse. For those who wish to acquire a unique model in the world!


Watch the video here.


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