FOCUS – ONIRIC Garage, a different way of conceiving the garage.

Change the vision of the garage and live throughout the year his passion for cars in a new place of life, more inviting and to his image, this is the promise of ONIRIC.


The design and decoration agency, based in Alsace (France), formed by the duo Matthieu and Adrien specializes in the layout and scenography of professional showrooms and private garages.


Combining aesthetics and functionality, each garage design is unique, entirely personalized and offers users, owners and guests, a real immersive experience.


Thanks to a 3-step approach covering the preliminary project (trends), the project (3D design) and the coaching in the creation and transformation of the premises, everything is clear and defined upstream for a unique result and consistent to the ideas.


The use of the automobile, whether it is a collector's item or a sports car, is in full evolution. ONIRIC therefore proposes to enthusiasts to accompany these changes and to share a future beyond the garage!


According to the 2 founders, we would never have imagined spending so much time there and it is true that a garage that is not only tailor-made, but all in its image is rather seductive...

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