How to choose your first Porsche?

Buying your first Porsche always raises a lot of questions, feelings mixed with joy, doubts, fear of making a mistake… «Did I get a good deal?» «Is my choice judicious?»… Who has ever asked these questions when buying a car? Especially when buying a Porsche!


Buying your first Porsche will remain, for many people a «crush», the final tangible outcome of a dream, often anchored for many years. However, it’s important to note that a «purchase of the heart» does not mean buying unreasonably, otherwise the «heart» could turn into a nightmare.


All specialists, be they independent professionals, official dealers, Porsche owners as well as the trade press, all convey the same message: don’t be impatient and seek advice from professionals. When buying an used car, make sure that the model your buying is in perfect condition, even faultless and, probably the most important point, have the car’s history and the service books.


But by the way, which Porsche to buy?


«What a question!» You will say to me! Although a large number of future buyers will be able to answer this question immediately, it’s important to ask it. This reflection is essential from our point of view. First of all, what will it be used for? On a daily basis or only sporadically, possibly as a 2nd vehicle, a Porsche pleasure?


In fact, a Porsche can only provide pleasure! Everyone will agree on this fact. Depending on the answer to this question, a distinction must be made between two main categories: the «modern» and the «classics».


Which category of «modern»?


The so-called «modern»Porsches are divided into three distinct categories:


1) Pure sports cars, namely the 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman.

2) SUVs, namely Macan and Cayenne.

3) Family cars by their size, namely the Panamera and Taycan.


But they all share the Porsche DNA, sportmanship, whatever the model chosen. As far as the 911 is concerned, it’s a fact to consider that it entered the modern era in 1989, from the 964 type, which saw a major technological advance over the Type 930, G-Series.


For many Porsche enthusiasts, whether they are long-time or future newcomers to the family, the purchase of a Porsche is often, as already mentioned, a «coup de coeur». Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different points to take into account in order to target the beauty of your dreams:


• Who should I contact? Official dealers, independent specialists, website?


• The purchase budget, of course, specific to everyone.


• The maintenance budget of the coveted model.


• The geographic location. This may seem irrelevant when buying a Porsche. What’s the relevance of buying a convertible if driving with the top down is only possible a few days of the year? Wouldn't a Targa be an option to consider?


• Plain or mountain?


• Is it reasonable to purchase a high-powered model when the potential of your Porsche cannot be fully exploited (except on a racetrack) despite the fact that Porsche’s technology is able to channel this surge of power, certainly. Of course, if it's the daily adrenaline bath you need, don't hesitate any longer.


• «Where am I going to park it?"» Good question… garage, closed box, in the street?


• Terminals and recharging network when purchasing a hybrid or 100% electric model.


• Consumption: gasoline, diesel, hybrid or electric motorization?


In this regard, Porsche has already banned diesel since February 2018, sales had already collapsed since the break-up of the dieselgate in the fall of 2015.


The future is definitely going towards the electrification of engines, more or less significantly, with either the hybrid versions of the Cayenne, or the 100% electric version of the high-performance Taycan, a benchmark in its class. The latter will soon be joined by the arrival of the Macan, whose range will be exclusively electric-powered as of 2024. In addition, the architecture of the current 992 has been designed to eventually incorporate a certain amount of electrification. A daring gamble, a challenge that Porsche will not fail to take up.


And why not a «classic»?


If you're considering buying a «classic», you should be aware that the rules of this market obey... almost to no rules at all. The advice we can give you, the only rule not to derogate is the traceability of the vehicle and to gather as many details as possible concerning the maintenance. This can prove to be complicated because of their age, these cars have often changed owners several times, even of country. This is why it is of utmost importance to submit the vehicle to a thorough examination by an expert eye, otherwise there may be unpleasant - sometimes very unpleasant - surprises. The wish to acquire a «classic» Porsche is definitely a «coup de coeur» purchase, so be very careful. The financial aspect for this category of Porsche is vast and complex. Numerous sources of information are available either online or are the subject of countless articles in the trade press.


Get informed and, above all, seek professional advice. At this price level, the line between dream come true and absolute nightmare is very thin.


It’s a reality to note that the price of «classics» has taken the elevator, although some are still more or less affordable. On the other hand, some of them have reached stratospheric price levels for various reasons, rightly or wrongly... Speculation is one of them, but not the only one.




There is no right or wrong answer, everyone will make their choice, reasonable or not, «favorite» or pragmatic. The current range of Porsche's models is all the more vast as it will certainly cover the needs of all future porschists, whatever their choice of use and degree of sportsmanship. Regardless of the model you wish to acquire, in all cases, be patient, pragmatic, gather as much documentation as possible on the beauty of your dreams and, above all, address yourself to professionals, club members who are all passionates and whose goal is to share their passion with you.


PorscheBox will help you make your dream come true by providing you with the ideal tool to start your research.


Start your engine to live your passion!