Happy birthday Porsche Boxster!

The year 2021 will be a very important milestone in the history of the Boxster family.


To celebrate this event, Porsche made it big, with the launch of the Boxster “Special Edition 25 years” (Photo Porsche AG) with 400hp.


Flash back

We're back to the same evolution requirements necessary for a company to stay on the podium. 911s are good, but sales are slowing down and Porsche is starting to get some serious gray hair.


Aera Wiedeking

This was without counting on a providential miracle, the arrival of a new General Manager, Wendelin Wiedeking, who would later be blamed for a tricky management. Nevertheless, when he took over the reins in 1993, the company was not far from closing down, with a catalog reduced to the 911, type 993. The front-engine models 944, 968, 928 were a commercial and especially a financial flop for Porsche.


At this moment of crisis, under the impulse of Wiedeking, Porsche owed its survival to a new model: the Boxster, fusion of the words "Boxer" and "Roadster". We are talking about a salvation, to the extent that a famous japanese brand was about to acquire the German manufacturer before the launch of this model.


Financial health

The Boxster provided the company with economic viability back on track. Years later, with the arrival of the Cayenne in 2003 and the explosion of the Chinese market, the company's financial health increased significantly.


Type 986

But back to the point. Since its launch in 1996, the Boxster has been produced in several versions, Cayman and Spyder in various power versions. The first generation, the Boxster type 986 equipped with a 2.5L engine will make a nice transition between the 911 and the rest of the family models.


Type 987

The 2nd generation, the Boxster/Cayman type 987, from 2005 to 2012 will see the introduction of a new variation, the Cayman, based on the Boxster platform. This was followed by a few hyper-sporty models and other limited editions.


Type 981

The 3rd generation, the Boxster/Cayman type 981 was introduced in 2012. Each generation logically saw an increase in power and performance.


Type 982

The 4th generation, the Boxster/Cayman type 982 from 2016 to nowadays will also be remembered for 2 reasons. The change of name to 718 and especially the introduction of a 4 cylinders engine (flat 4). Scandal for the purists! The ecological notion by the "downsizing" was the reason. The 718-Boxster was declined in no less than 10 versions including the very powerful Spyder of more than 400hp.


The year 2020 will see the return of the traditional engine to enjoy the sounds of the new 6-cylinders 4.0 L.


The turning point

If the commercial adventure of the Boxster is an undeniable success, unfortunately, it was not the same for the man who was at its origin, the sauveur of the company in the 90s. Wendelin Wiedeking, the "Porsche King", was boosted by outstanding sales records and an annual salary of EUR 80 million in 2008.



Wiedeking was " thanked " in 2009 as a result of his gluttony in wanting to buy VW, which not only led Porsche on the edge of bankruptcy (again) because of its irresponsible use of loans, but also had the opposite effect: VW ultimately bought Porsche! What an irony of fate!


The “Boxster 25”

But let's conclude on a more positive note for the brand. Twenty-five years after the official launch of the Boxster, Porsche is proposing a new special edition of the sport roadster.

Only 1,250 units of the "Boxster 25" will be produced worldwide.


You will still have to disburse around USD 100,000 for this fabulous 400 hp car with its dynamic and sexy design. Hurry up, there won't be enough for everyone, because as usual at Porsche, the limited series are selling like hotcakes!


Start your engine to live your passion!